Monday, August 5, 2013

That one person...

I need that one person...

a warm back for me to lean on..
a shoulder for me to cry on..
gentle hands to wipe off my tears..

sharp ears that are willing to hear my random words..and those words that I've kept deep inside of my fragile heart for ages..

those eyes which naturally read my mind just by a mere glance.

that will never tired of cheering me up with magic words that keep my torn heart at ease..
comforting me by saying that everything's gonna be just fine.

staying by my side at times when I feel all alone like nobody ever cares about me..

that someone who knows exactly & instantaneously that fake smiles I tried to put on my silly face..

and that someone who sees me perfectly regardless of my never-ending flaws..

the point that one person ever exist??and if so, please..let me know..
coz I really need that one person..
right here right now..

Sincerely yours,

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Mya said... [Reply]

ecey eceyyy!!! :P

salam raya fifi. maaf zahir batin:)