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Friday, June 19, 2015

My new life as a PRP. Welcome to the dark world!!

Assalamualaikum. Ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan al-mubarak!

selamat berpuasa semua!!! heeee. 

Lameeeee gileeee kan tak update. well I’ve been super duper busy with never-ending works. yeahh you heard it right. I’m officially a career woman now. Hahaha. Woman sangat kan. padahal sumpah rase macam budak2 hingusan je lagi. heh.

So kat sini aku just nak give some sort of short update lah. taktau la ade ke orang baca lagi blog ni lagi. hahaha. lantakkk. yang penting aku menjalankan tanggungjawab aku terhadap blog nih. ecececeyy talking bout responsibilities.

last month, 5.5.15, I’m officially bergelar seorang PRP. or nama panjang dia Provisionally Registered Pharmacist. kirenye kalau macam doktor tu aku kire macam HO giteww. kalau amik driving license macam kau dapat lesen P camtuhh. eh betul ke? entah le. aku memandai buat analogi sendiri jee. XD
kalau nak ikutkan la aku nak buat karangan esei 20 mukasurat je tau pasal kejadian2 yang berlaku pada hari bersejarah tersebut. I must say I’ve been through quite a lot jugak la on that day. but nvm la. biarlah ia tersimpan sebagai suatu hikayat.

dipendekkan cerita, aku dapat posting kat Hospital Sultanah Aminah Jaybeee. one of the most busiest hospital in the world. ok tak. kat Msia ni la kot. hahaha. redha dan pasrah je la kan even tak dapat hospital idaman. yang penting dapat posting. yang penting tak bergelar penanam anggur lagi. yang penting takyah nak jawab soalan2 interbiu dpd mereka2 yg selalu jaga tepi kain kitewww. ahaksss.

nah muke talam dan cop mohor sebijik. hahaha.

sekarang ni dah 2nd rotation dah. kat Manufacturing. memang aku mengaku la yg aku ni memang blur and lampi gileee. what do you expect from seorang penanam anggur tegar yang kerjanye melayan movie 24/7 di samping membuat kerja2 surirumahtangga sahaje? sorry but I cant reach your expectation. I cant be perfect on my first time, and definitely I cant be perfect all the time. please expect some flaws in me. or maybe more. I still make stupid mistakes but I’m willing to learn from my mistakes. I know it’s my responsibility to do my job efficiently but just gimme some time. Insha Allah I will improve as the time passed by. ;')

okey that’s it la. tak boleh nak tulis panjang berjela sangat sebab kena buat benda lain pulak. maybe lepas ni dah tak dapat nak update blog selalu kot. ini pun kebetulan cuti je hari ni. dan macam free sikit. tapi malam ni kena oncall kat A&E. marilah menjadi burung hantu. **gugugkkgugukkgugukkk  <(0_0)>

p/s : huhuhu tahun ni puasa sebagai anak rantau la kitewww. cehhh padahal dalam negeri sendiri jugak. tapi still tak dapat nak sambut ramadhan dengan family. huuuu. orang lain sahur buke sesame. kite sorang2 je. sobs. lap air mata. hahaha takyah nak syahdu sangat kayyy. kata dah dewasa… =P

p/s lagi : tahun ni first time jugak kami bakal beraya tanpa embah wedok. baru sebulan lebih arwah pergi meninggalkan kami. memang terasa sangat kehilangan arwah. tambah2 lagi masa tu pulak aku tengah busy nak prepare untuk posting nih. memang emosi tak stabil sikit mase tu. tapi Alhamdulillah Allah bagi kekuatan dekat kami semua. semoga roh embah ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Al-fatihah. :'(

Friday, February 13, 2015

Unboxing BTS Dark and Wild album! Love at second sight with the Bangtan Boys! ;)



Annyeonghaseyo kpoppers! (ade ke? haha)

so I was so overflowed with happiness because finally I’ve received my very first kpop album, BTS Dark and Wild album!! assaaaa. tbh, this is my first item bought online. haha noob kan. nampaknye cubaan untuk shopping online dah berjaya! lepas ni boleh la shopping lagi. haha.

I know album ni dah keluar lama dah since last year lagi. well aku kan baru je jadi A.R.M.Y. baru berapa bulan kot. never thought that I’d fall in love with BTS sooo deeply like this. love at second sight tbh. heeeee.


they are sooo adorkable!! aren’t they? ngeeeeee that’s why I love them. =p




2015-02-08 11.55.13

my hands trembled, my heart fluttered when I received this. ^__^ thanks abang posmen!  ***dolphine squealing inside**


 2015-02-08 11.59.06

the package. the rainbow effect is soooo perfffect! daebak!


I bought this album from ig shop @kedaikpop . Luckily for me, while I was surveying around to find the cheapest possible price, I found this ig shop. hehe. so far I think this is the cheapest one. I managed to buy it for only RM 70, free postage!! ohyeaahhh. even act aku rasa tu macam dah include postage fee sekali. tapi tak kesah la kan coz mostly aku survey the price is around 75 to 80. dah dapat RM 70 ni pun dah kire okey sangat. ;D

and one more thing, album ni memang dalam ready stock. so takyah la nak tunggu lama2 kalau kena preorder ke ape. tak sanggup la aku nak menunggu kan. 3 hari pun dah macam 3 tahun je rasanye. hahaha over ek kau.


the tracks include:  (kopipasta dari google je.)

01.Intro : What Am I To you                             08. Interlude : 뭐해 (What Are You Doing)

02. Danger                                                      09. 핸드폰 좀 꺼줄래(Would you turn off your cellphone)

03. 호르몬 전쟁 (Hormone War)                       10.  이불킥 (Blanket Kick)

04. 힙합성애자 ( Hip Hop Lover)                      11. 24/7=Heaven

05. Let Me Know                                             12.  여기 봐 ( Look Here )

06. Rain                                                         13.  2학년 (2nd Grade)

07.BTS Cypher PT.3: KILLER (ft. Supreme Boi)       14. outro: 그게 말이 돼? (Does That Make Sense?)


and my personal favourite songs from this album would be:

Danger, Hormone War (these two are an absolute fav!), Let Me Know (full of feels), Rain (I like the sound of the rain. romantic vibes. lol), Blanket Kick, Would You Turn Off Your Cellphone, Second Grade, Look Here. and even the Cypher. omona! did I just list out almost all of the songs? hahaha. I cant choose. >,<


 2015-02-08 12.02.53

the arrangement as soon as I opened the box. I was so nervous to flip over the photocard. well I was hoping that I would get V’s or Jin’s. either one would be awesome!!


 2015-02-08 12.09.58

tadaaaa. these are what I get. tipu la kan kalau aku cakap aku tak rasa pape kan. ade la keciwa sikit sebab tak dapat ape yg kite harapkan. guess luck is not on my side. T__T

plus. polaroid tu pun memang jangan harap la nak dapat kan… Y__Y


the photocards zoomed version.

 2015-02-08 12.13.27

individual photocard. ohhh heyy ayo Chimchim Jimin! I guess my fate intertwined with yours this time. since you’re are my taetae’s bff, I guess I’m glad enough to get yours. it’s okey. it’s okey. I love you too. hehe

 2015-02-08 12.15.28

group photocard. V looks so cute! ><

Character postcards:

 2015-02-08 19.22.57

We On. I havent finish reading this webtoon. well the internet is so slow. what can I expect?

 2015-02-08 19.24.46

Hip Hop Monster : kyeopta! which is who?


 2015-02-08 12.04.39

the cd. hoyeah dah terbalik terbongkang pulak. My heart is full of you! I wanna be loved so bad!  somebody please love me!!!  *sounds desperate isn’t it? hahaha

  2015-02-08 12.07.25

the photobook. omona they look so so manly! sang namja! fierce nunbit!


so these are some of the pics from the photobook. am not gonna snap all of them coz I’m too lazy to do so. hahaha. plus you can google it by yourself to see the others.




my two bias. V and Jin. ngeeee. Taejin OTP.


oh yeahh taetae. same here. you’re the only one I need rn!  >,<



Jin, your love is with me. that’s why it ain’t going nowhere! =p **so cheesyyyy

this is roughly handwritten lyrics of each tracks. giving us the feels of “in the making” process.

2015-02-13 16.13.14


one thing that make me frustrated is that the credits written by the boys in the photobook are in hangul!! it’s like some sort of their own handwritten letters to the fans!! maybe. omg that’s so precious but no trans? goshh how do you expect me to understand that? It should’ve come with english translation for international fans like me. pleaseee. jaebal. someone. translate these for me. I wanna know what they wrote. like so badly. I’ve googled and asked around but haven’t find any tho. T__T

I guess I should make some Korean friends starting from now on. haha.

***so I started to learn hangul recently. but seems I’ve soooo much to learn tho. its not that easy!  =,="


I tried to screen yours but unfortunately I cant recognise what you’re writing tho. sobs. but your writing is cute V yaahhh!


oh yeahh. at least I found this “saranghaeyo” in Jin’s letter..if I’m not mistaken… ^__^



lastly, in Jungkook’s letter I’ve managed to find more. heeeee. roughly guessing tho. since his hangul is more solid and legible. LOL. He wrote “….uri ARMY yeoreobun jeongmal saranghaeyo”… ^,~



okey keut!!

that’s all. my review ended here. ;)

my rating : 5/5. XD


2015-02-09 02.31.28 1

a happy A.R.M.Y I am!! neomu neomu haengbokkhae! >,<


maybe la ade yang fikir ehh dia ni suke sangat membazir duit dengan kpop stuff. oh no no no. this is my first time beli album kpop. this is the one and only kpop album that I have. okey ade lagi satu la. album Suju Bonamana. tapi tu yg pirate punye. hahahahah. dah berzaman dah cd tu. kat mane entah sekarang. haha. and bukannye aku suka2 beli album sembarangan. of course la aku dah survey dulu. and indeed I love this album so much. so much that it hurts. LOL. I love all the songs. it is rare for me to love all the songs in an album coz usually I only love their title songs, the ones with mv. but this time, it’s different. I love almost all their songs. I’ve listened to all of their albums. and I like them all. yeah I know they’re full of raps which I’d never be able to sing along with. but who cares. as long as their music is good. ;)


**kalau nak diikutkan la kan, ade satu lagi kpop group yang aku minat semua lagu dorang. sape lagi kalau bukan EXO!! yeahh I used to be a die-hard-fan of EXO. but since they broke my heart, I couldnt afford to stay any longer. I’m not leaving the fandom. it’s just that I’m less preoccupied with them now. nvm. tengok dari jauh pun takpe.kang kalau aku beli album dorang, luka lama ni berdarah kembali. sobs.    **cried in the corner**


okey. end of explanation. hehe. I’d say I’d love to purchase the other albums too but obviously not for now. this one is enough to calm down my burning wish. LOL. maybe when I’ve start working later(taktau la bile kan..) I’d consider to buy another. hahahaha. tengok la kalau ade duit lebih kan. Y___Y


p/s : I have no idea to create a new watermark. so I just simply make it like that. tak pelik kan? hahahaha.

***dah lama terperap entri ni. baru sempat publish hari ni.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Resepi : Kek Coklat Moist Kukus – step by step (for beginner)




2015-01-25 07.12.56 2

yeayy my very first home-baked cake!! rasa terharu pun ade. >,<

rupa agak comot dan tak bertamadun sikit. ngeeeee


so last night, memang beria betul dengan penuh semangat waja aku bertungkus lumus membuat kek untuk kali pertama dalam sejarah hidup seorang aku. haha. tu yang nak masuk dalam diari ni. konon peristiwa bersejarah la sebab berjaya buat kek. alhamdulillah menjadi even aku memang agak kelam kabut sikit. hahaha.

lain kali kalau ade orang tanye, kau pandai buat kek tak? at least aku boleh la cakap aku reti buat kek coklat kukus. takde la malu sangat kan. muehehehhe motip betul.

so kat sini aku nak tulis balik in details steps masa buat kek tu. so that boleh jadi reference bile aku nak buat lagi nanti (haha tengokla kalau rajin.). maklumlah aku ni pelupa orangnye. resepi asal boleh tengok kak blog akak ni ye :


thanx akak for sharing the recipe. and mohon share ye resepi akak ni. heheheh.

**macam yg aku cakap tadi, this is for my own reference, so aku akan banyak membebel. kalau nak explanation yg ringkas dan padat boleh refer blog akak tu tadi ye. ;)


so roughly, aku rasa better buat kek ni waktu malam kot sebab nanti kan nak kena masukkan dalam fridge. so nanti besok bangun tido boleh la terus makan, takde la tertunggu-tunggu. hahahaha. *bagus betul pagi2 makan kek.

total masa yg diambil untuk buat kek ni lebih kurang 3 jam lebih camtu la. sebab aku start lebih kurang 8pm sampai la 11.30pm camtu. hahaha jangan terkejut kenapa lama sangat. sebab ni dah termasuk aku siap kemas cuci semua benda yg aku gune. plus dengan terkial-kialnye lagi kan. kalau dah pro, kompem kejap je dah siap. hehehe.


2015-01-24 07.39.04 1

some of the ingredients needed. gune yg ni je dah boleh. serbuk koko tu aku beli yg 100g punye. coklat masakan tu aku beli yg 200g punye.

since aku takde measuring cup, aku gune cawan biasa je. and kalau ikut blog akak tu, 1 cup = 125g. tapi cup yg aku guna ni boleh dapat lebih kurang 100g je. so kire boleh la kan. hahaha.



so basically here are the recipes (aku copy paste and tambah sikit tau.)

Bahan untuk kek coklat:

Bahan A.
1 cawan serbuk koko (tak kisah jenama apa pun)
1 cawan gula pasir
1 cawan susu cair
1 cawan minyak masak
1/2 cawan susu pekat

Bahan B
1+1/2 cawan tepung gandum
1 sudu teh bikarbonat
1 sudu teh baking powder

1 sudu teh esen vanilla

3 biji telur (suhu bilik, jangan gune yg dah masuk fridge punye, nanti tak kembang bile dipukul.)

Cara-cara (dah susun ikut ape yang aku buat)

  1. Masak Bahan A dalam periuk sampai sebati. Api kecil. Sejukkan.
  2. Seelok2nya tepung, bikarbonat dan baking powder diayak bersama terlebih dahulu. (bahan B)
  3. Pukul telur sampai betul2 kembang (lebih kurang 5 minit +++) kemudian masukkan bahan A.
  4. Masuk esen vanilla. Pukul sampai sebati.
  5. Masuk bahagian B sedikit demi sedikit. Pukul sebati selama 5 minit +++
  6. Masukkan adunan dalam loyang dan tutup permukaan kek dengan kertas foil. Papepun pastikan wap air tak boleh masuk dalam adunan.
  7. Kukus selama 1 jam 10 minit dengan api yang sederhana. (pastikan air kukusan telah mendidih terlebih dahulu...) Jangan buka penutup kukus sampai cukup masa.
  8. Angkat...tunggu sejuk baru boleh potong. Kalau rajin boleh letak topping...


2015-01-24 09.05.02 1

adunan dah tuang dalam loyang! basically aku rasa kek ni tak melekat pun kat loyang tu tapi kalau nak selamat boleh la sapu minyak sikit kat loyang tu. ape entah term yg selalu orang gune.


2015-01-24 09.09.11 1

lepas tu wrap dengan aluminium foil dan masukkan la dalam periuk kukus yg 3 tingkat tu.

2015-01-24 10.41.23 1

tadaaaa. kek dah masak! bahagian tepi dia macam disaster sikit sebab masa aku nak keluarkan dari loyang tu aku main telungkupkan ikut suke hati aku. nasib baik tak terpelanting kan. haha. noob betul. patutnye kite letak bekas tu atas loyang tadi pastu baru terbalikkan perlahan2, kan senang nak keluarkan. =,="

okey basically, kek ni dah boleh makan dah. tapi kalau nak letak topping pun boleh.

untuk buat topping, seeloknye lepas kek tu dah masak la ye sebab nanti ganache tu akan mengeras kalau buat awal sangat.



  • 200 gm coklat masakan ~dipotong kecil (aku gune kurang sikit dpd yg asal)
  • 1 sudu besar susu pekat
  • 1/2 cawan susu cair
  • 2 sudu besar butter (buttercup pun okey)
  • 1/4 cawan air panas
  • Chocolate rice/ any other sprinklers


  1. Panaskan susu cair dan susu pekat dengan kaedah double boiler.
  2. Masukkan coklat masakan dan kacau hingga ianya cair.
  3. Padamkan api dan masukkan butter. Kacau lagi hingga cair.
  4. Curahkan 1/2 dr ganache yg masih panas tadi ke atas kek hingga menutupi keseluruhan kek.
  5. Biarkan lebih kurang 15- 30 min supaya ganache tadi meresap ke dalam kek.
  6. Panaskan kembali lebihan ganache tadi (kaedah double boiler) dan masukkan air panas.
  7. Kacau sehingga sebati dan curahkan ke atas kek tadi.
  8. Taburkan chocolate rice kalau nak atas ganache tadi.
  9. Bila kek dan ganache dah sejuk, bolehlah dimasukkan ke dalam peti ais. tutup bahagian atas bekas kek tu so that takde la air ke pape jatuh atas kek masa simpan dalam fridge tu.

okey for those yg taktau ape itu double boiler(macam aku la, sume istilah baking aku taktau. hahah), ni hah contoh gambar dia. means kite letak bekas yg tahan panas dalam periuk yg diisi air yg tengah mendidih atas api. air dalam periuk tu takyah letah banyak sangat, dah sentuh bottom of the bekas tadi pun dah okey.


guna bekas yg ade pemegang la terus, nanti senang nak curah ganache tu.


hahhh part ganache ni memang aku fail sikit sebab masa aku curah untuk first time tu, aku tertuang banyak sangat. tu yg jadi melimpah ruah tu. pastu dah tinggal sikit, yg 2nd ganache tu pulak jadi cair. tapi aku tuang gak sebab taknak membazir. T__T


2015-01-25 06.55.52 1

yang ni freshly keluar dari fridge ye. maaf la memang comot. hahaha


hahhh bile dah potong ni baru la nampak cantik, nampak bertamadun sikit. =p

okey, dah siap pun. resepi ni aku rasa agak senang la nak try bagi beginner macam aku nih.

 conclusionnye, kalau ade sesape yg memang tak pernah buat kek lagi, first timer macam aku yg memang zero knowledge and experience, Inshaallah kalau ikut betul2 steps and resepi ni kek korang confirm menjadi punye la. yang penting kena yakin boleh rakan muda dan bersemangat waja la. hahaha. good luck!

ohh ya lupe pulak. I wanna say thanks to my friend, Wahida for guiding me throughout the process. dia la yg suggest resepi ni kat aku. heeee. dan dia jugak la yg sabar menjawab semua soalan aku. haha banyak gile aku tanye kot. =P

**watermark lama nampak pelik sangat tapi tak sempat buat yg baru lagi. nanti2 la. haha

p/s : so amacam, dah boleh ke jadi menantu pilihan camni? hahahaha. poyo sangat padahal baru reti buat 1 kek je. orang lain dah maju buat pavlova red velvet bagai kot. ;p