Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Life as a floater. At last, I'm free!!


Hai blog. Lama tak jumpa kan. hehe. well well sedar tak sedar kita dah nak masuk pertengahan tahun dah. And tak lama lagi bulan Ramadhan pun dah nak menjelang tiba. Akak2 semua dah ganti puasa ke belum? Hihihi. Mesti masing2 pakat kelam kabut nak puasa last2 minute ni kan. Sama la kitewww. hahaha. Nasib baik aku dah habis dah ganti. Alhamdulillah sempat. >,<

Baju raya dah beli? Amboiii puasa pun belum kann. Entah la. Aku rasa raya tahun ni maybe tak semeriah macam dulu. Entah. Makin lama aku rasa macam raya tu tak macam raya pun. Maybe for some people, raya tahun ni bakal menjadi raya yg paling best dlm hidup dorang. Some people bakal raya berdua, some bakal bertiga. Some kembali beraya sorang2. Some pulak still beraya sorang2. Hmmm. Macam aku, raya ni still single lagi la kiteeww. Hohoho redha je la tengok kengkawan semua beraya berdua, bertiga, berempat and so on. hashtag forever alone. T_T 

Actually, banyak benda dah jadi for the past few months. But aku malas nak cerita kat sini. Biarlah masa yg menentukan. Maybe ada yg dah tau. Whatever happen we must put our best poker face. Yeahh that's how I survived. I believe things happened for a reason.

Btw, aku dah berjaya dah setelkan logbook bulan ni. Finally. At last! After so much pain, tears and sweats. Officially a floater duhh! Dah tak payah nak serabut fikirkan logbook, assessment etc etc bagai. Biarlah markah cukup2 makan pun, yg penting pass. Idgas. *flips hair. If you know what I mean. Lulz.

So apa bezanya time kau prp dgn jadi floater nih? For me, no difference at all. Kalau kat tempat lain, aku tanya kawan2 aku yg lain, dorang dah takde oncall or shift watsoeva. But lain pulak halnye dgn floater kat tempat aku nih. Next month (which starts tomorrow) makin berdouble triple weekend oncall aku. Demmitttt. What the. Tu la nasib floater bila tak ramai new prp masuk. Haishhhh please la. Derma la prp lagi kat sini. Huhuhu.

I really hope I'll get my frp posting as soon as possible. As quick as the lightning strikes. I cant wait to return to my hometown. Hopefully I will get posted there. Please. Jaebal. Naneun, yogi, nomu shiro! #fingercrossed

Okey. Tu je la nak cakap. Till we meet again MeeLo!! See you, when I see you!
Mana tau, lepas ni aku update pasal aku punye engagement ke marriage ke. Kannnn. ciaciaciaciaa. Harapan tinggi menggunung tu. XP

gambar kite kawen takde, gambar dgn orang lain yg kawen ade lahh. Haha. Dulu2 selalu berangan masa kawen nanti, nak tema pink & baby blue. But then bila tengok emerald green ni, jadi fall in love la pulak. ehhhh. Hihi.

Gambar extra. Comel pulak Iman senyum camtu. Macam auntie dia jugak. ehhh lagi. ^_^

p/s : Lately, ramai orang cakap muka aku dah makin putih sekarang. hahaha. Nak tau rahsianye? sila pm. muahahahah. Kbai!

Friday, February 19, 2016

How does your 2016 going so far?

Assalamualaikum. Oh hai we meet again after errr 4 months?

Well. Works are getting me preoccupied almost everyday. Since today is my day off, I mean there's no oncall for this weekend so I guess I just wanted to drop by my long-time abandoned blog. To clean up the dust here and there. (I'm pretty sure there're spider's webs everywhere. Haha.)

It seems like we're getting closer to the end of February. Goshh cepatnye masa berlari. Rasa macam baru semalam je masuk tahun baru kan.

So how is your 2016 doing so far? Well for me shits happen almost everyday. Pardon my language. Hah I'm literally 25 so I think it's okey for me to err cuss a lil bit. Hahaha. It doesn't suits my sweet-innocent-look tho. Well I was the so called Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Now I don't even care about the image anymore. Ohh nooo what has happened to me? LOL

Oh heyy have I told you that I'm legally my own driver right now?? Congratulations to me to finally have the guts to drive myself to work! Yayyy. What an achievement!! I'm so proud of myself! **self-pat at the back**
If you read my blog, previously I cant remember in which post, I did mention about my fear of driving. Well driving on my own just driving me crazy you know!
It took a freaking 6 years to finally have the courage to get behind the wheel by myself.

Even right now I'm just literally driving myself to and from work. But at least, there's a progress, right? You should be positive. And you should compliment yourself for breaking free from your comfort zone. You'd never know that you can rock it until you actually do it! Believe in me. I've been there, and I know how does it feels to be afraid of doing something that you think you cant. But actually you just have to close your eyes and give it a shot! Not that I asked you to close your eyes during your drive tho. duhh. *flips hair**

Look at how happy I am to finally be an independent woman! Hahaha. 

You know what. I kinda miss the old days. I miss my friends in uni. I miss my uni life. I miss everything in the past. Now that I'm a self-proclaimed adult, there are just to much to think. Burdens weighing on top of my shoulders. Never-ending stress with all the workloads. Seems like there's no end to it. I tried to enjoy myself, my life right now, but sometimes I feel like I'm faking it. Do you see where I'm coming from? 

Nonetheless, I must bear with all of them. At least until I finish this nerve-wrecking prp training. Only God knows how eager I am to get this thing out of my already messed-up life. Hah. Note the sarcasm.

And as a wrap, here's my bajet-feeling-model picture. Hahaha. You know I like to pose like this. Poyo I know. But who cares? I dont give a shit on what people will say. Ooppsss. sorry. =P

Yes. It's cakey. I know. Just dont judge okeyyy.

Okey, I guess that's it. I'm just randomly posting this cuz I'm kind of missing my hobby back then which is blogging. Blogging was once my passion. I just dont have much time to do so right now.
See you again, MeeLo! ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life's update. Hazy life.

and honestly, I still have no idea what the heck I'm doing right now. hahahaha. super blurrrr most of the time. =,="

a meme as the intro. just what I needed. hah!

Actually there's nothing to update pun. My life has been quite hectic and I'm feelin like flipping myself up and down continuously. Up till now, I still have doubt on my choice. I bet some of us got this issue jumping thru their Nodes of Ranvier. shoot takyah nak saintifik sangat kot bahasa tuh. macam la kau masih ingat lagi benda alah tu ape. walhal dose pcm pon kau nak tengok bluebook lagi kann. duhh. #tangandibahumatakeatas

If I were to write on what I've been thru for these past few months, a single blog post wouldn't suffice. There's just too much to tell that even words cant handle. There's time when I feel like being in a living hell. You cant even describe the feelings. Even after I left that place, I still got something hanging. Unsettled. #$@%!*&

Nevermind. I dont want to burden my neurons and my myocardium. I'm afraid I might develop fits and heart attack. hohoho. Sekarang ni pun rasa macam dah kena arthritis je. Sakit lutut tak hilang2 dari hari tu. hmmmm. adakah ini tanda2 penuaaan? T____T

oh yaaa btw congrats to kawan2 yang just tied the knot or going to soon. Sobs. nampaknye kite jugak yang belum bertemu prince charming. Memang tak la kan kalau hari2 terkejar2 nak fullfill requirement. Kalau kes TPN beratus-ratus dalam sehari. Ok tipu. Maunye aku kejung kat dalam clean room tu sorang2 dengan tahap kelembapan aku yang macam siput nih. 

walau slow macam mana sekalipun aku, I think I should be proud of myself. Yeah. I should compliment myself more for each progress that I've made. who else yang nak puji kalau bukan diri sendiri kan? bukannye ape, sometimes we need encouragement and appreciation in order for us to improve more. kalau asyik kena toce je macammana nak maju kan. makin stress ade lah.
Even tho in people's eyes, I'm still the lampi and slow-motion PRP, I know that now I've been improving. At least, kalau dulu aku macam teragak2 takut2 nak pegang syringe sampai jari pun tercucuk needle, now tidak lagi. I can handle the needle with my eyes closed. Ok tipu lagi. Jangan nak temberang sangat okeyh. wkwkwkwkwkkk

Dulu kan masa study, I was worried sick when I found out that I was the only student yang tak berjaya nak break the ampoule masa simulasi TPN. masa tu mula fikir macam mana la time nak keje nanti kalau tak pandai nak break ampoule. matilanak matilanak. And mula la aku stressed out masa tuh. 

seriously that was just a waste of my precious time. Sebabnye nanti masa kau dah start keje, kau akan automatically pandai buat semua tuh. Memang la masa mula2 tu kau slow, tapi sebab workload + pressure in situ, kau akan pandai jugak.
Macam sekarang ni, aku dah pandai break ampoule magnesium sulphate dengan potassium dihydrogen phospahte dengan vitalipid sume tuh dengan sekelip mata. aicehhh kerek pulak dia nih. I seriously doubt my capabilities masa mula2 masuk TPN tuh. 

and bile dah masuk minggu ketiga ni baru la aku paham konsep nak ketuk bubble out of the bag tu macam mana. Kau bayangkan la betapa lampinye aku. Memang aku mengaku that I'm quite a loser when it comes to hands-on skills. Sebab tu la sampai sekarang aku belum ade kete baru macam kengkawan sekalian. Heh lagi.

last but not least kan, I noticed one of my habit dah semakin kurang dah sekarang nih. ape lagi kalau bukan habit selfiefreak aku tuh. hahahah. kalau dulu pantang nak kuar je mesti sebok nak amik selpie la wepie la ape la. sekarang ni dah tak sempat nak fikir sume tuh. lepas tu sekarang ni pun tak sempat sangat nak berfangirling sangat. well tau2 je la aku ni kan minah kepop! kalau dulu gigih je nak search video kpop yang ade subs pastu gigih nak dowload sume kalau boleh. tapi sekarang tak sempat dah nak buat sume tuh. apetaknye bile balik keje je dah terbongkang tak sedarkan diri. hahahaha macam tak senonoh pulak cara aku describe tu kan..

somehow I did miss my old life back then. But what ever it is, life must goes on. Kerja tetap kerja. If I aint working, how do I get myself a plane ticket to Korea huh? kata nak jumpe oppa kannn. heheheh.

sebagai penutup entri hari ni, terimalah secebis gambar yang terbaru daripada seorang aku. kekekeke asal sasterawan sangat bunyinye.

someday I'm so gonna ride you merry go round. pastu boleh fefeeling Stairway to Heaven dengan oppa. ngeh3.

orait. so long my friends. jumpe lagi next entri maybe in the next few months? ahaksss no one knows. 

Assalamualaikum and goodnite people!