Thursday, March 29, 2012

entri dah basi : finally aku dapat jugak tengok SNSD walaupun aku sangat busy…. (^_^)



2012-03-28 15.43.49_美化000

aku rasa kombinasi turquoise & pink itu sangat comel dan menawan la…macam baju yg aku pakai masa pegi Petrosains hari tu…comel kan..kan..kan..(sambil buat mata berkelip-kelip spt mau meminta sedas pelempang!! ^__^)

ape kata time wedding aku nanti aku pilih color ni?mesti berpinar-pinar mata sume orang kan??hahaha…silap2 jadi wedding of the year!!…pergghhh..tak boleh belahhh betul kau punye angan2 kan minah??… (=,=)

****opening yg langsung takde kaitan…lalalala*****

okey…seriously..aku tak tau nak tulis ape sebenarnye…maklumlah before this, kepala otak asyik dihantui dgn assignment..assignment..dan assignment…tapi alhamdulillah…now I have completed all the assignments that were needed to be passed up by this week…hari ni pun dah last kelas…so rasa lega sikit la…

sikit je ek…sebab next week dah start midsem…count down..there’re only 4 DAYS left before the war!!and within that 4 days I need to uncover all the notes for 5 subjects yg tak pernah aku sentuh langsung except bile ade kuiz…dah la masa lecture pon tido…kalau tak at least boleh la paham sikit2,ye tak??

gile tak gile..mereng tak mereng…tawakal je la…I hope I could make it…amin…

**nak pinjam SNSD punye Time Machine boleh??



oh ye…Msian SONES sekalian…sape yg pegi tengok SNSD hari tu??



~23 Mac 2012, Jumaat~

yup…aku pegi…aku pun tak sangka yg aku akan pegi..haha…kawan aku la yg tetiba mengusulkan cadangan tersebut…(wah..skemanye ayat!!)

and…memang gile ramai punye orang…sesak gile…tercungap-cungap aku di tengah2 lautan manusia di KLCC tu…

tapi…kira berbaloi jugak la dapat tengok SNSD perform secara LIVE even just dekat screen je…nak tengok depan2 stage tu memang tak dapat la beb…aku mana ade duit nak beli tiket…tengok kat tepi2 pun jadi la…huhu

at least aku dapat jugak la dengar suara dorang…dgn Soo Young & Seo Hyun cakap BM sikit…lagi satu, aku memang impressed gile dgn Tiffany punye English…sedap dia speaking…hehe…

and dalam banyak2 member tu cuma Tiffany sorang je yg aku sempat tengok in real…means depan2 la…tu pun masa dorang sume dah nak balik…dah kat dalam van dah pon…



putih melepak aku tengok si Tiffany ni…



huaaaa…bile la dapat jumpe dgn Yoona depan2 nie…aku ingatkan boleh la kot nak amik gambar dgn dia…hahaha…in my dreams!!


disebabkan aku memang tak dapat nak amik gambar dorang sbg kenangan, so ape lagi..kita google je la…hahaha…(these are not mine.. ^^)





see that screen?haaa aku tengok kat situ je la..but I’m not sure whether this was the one…coz I think there’re many other screens overthere…



8 gojess girls…Yuri takde pulak…



Malaysia…put it back on!!!



sebagai bukti aku pegi KLCC hari tu…(tak perlu kot nak ade bukti segala!!)aku sempat amik gambar KLCC ni masa odw nak balik ke stesen Bukit Nanas…gile penat wei…sumpah..dah tak mau pegi lagi dah lepas ni…tapi kalau aku dapat tiket VVIP, I might re-consider my decision..wakakaka

2012-03-23 23.21.08_美化000

kesian kan…gambar ni je yg sempat aku amik… la..masa kat sana kitorang excited sgt sampai tak sempat nak amik even a single picture…

okey..that’s all…hehe…besok mood study dah ON dah…wish me luck guys!!!gonna miss uolls!!! (>,<)


( Rx : aku rasa macam dah tak boleh nak aktif sgt la dalam blogging ni coz sem ni memang busy gile…so sorry if aku tak sempat nak terjah balik blog korang yg datang sini ye…hope uolls understand…**ceh..cakap macam ramai beno yg datang tengok belog ko ni kan…wkwkwkwk….alaaa…no worries…bile aku free or rasa stress ke mesti aku akan bw kat blog korang jugak…hahaha.. )

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not-so Wordless Wednesday #2 : Abang-abang yg sweet & caring!! ♥♥♥



printscreen msj

when life gets hard, I’m lucky to have both of you as my brothers!! Crying face

~~lately, there were so many things that made my life turned upside down.…I’m tooooo stressed & somehow I felt I can’t bear it anymore!!!but thanks to my family…they gave me strength to endure when all odds are against me..and matter how hard life will treat me in the future, I would never give up!!!~~

( Rx : I’m extremely busy and will be back soon… Sad smile )

Saturday, March 10, 2012

macam mana nak jadi orang yang muka tembok + mulut murai??? >,<



yuuhuuu…it has been a long time since we met in the last entry…and now, finally,we meet again!!hehe…excited tak excited tak??

rindu tak dgn aku??tolong la cakap rindu…alaa kalau korang tak cakap pon aku memang dah do really miss me..rite??rite?? (sambil angkat2 kening macam Ziana Zain.. ^^)



harap anda  tidak terkejut dgn perubahan muka aku setelah hampir seminggu aku menyembunyikan diri…ye..memang aku dah cucuk botox dekat spec dgn mata ku nih… =,=


haha..sebenarnye gwa saje je nak cakap : dah lama gile gwa tak pakai tudung bawal beb!!!.muka pun dah macam ikan bawal dah gwa tengok ni!!grrr..


at last..hari ni..berjaya jugak aku curi sedikit masa utk update blog comot nie…boleh release tension sikit!!aku rasa last week memang hectic gile…tak sangka pulak awal2 sem dah busy…huhu…memang takde masa nak berjimba-jimbo la…and that’s why this blog was neglected… Sad smile


tapi..sebenarnye..hari2 aku bukak je blog ni…even sunyi sepi tanpa new update, tapi aku wajib bukak jugak…sebab…aku takkan boleh tido kalau dalam sehari tu aku tak jenguk MeeLO ni…haha…seems like a lil bit exaggerating rite??yeah..I know..I know…


ape boleh buat…subjek2 sem ni semuanye mencekik leher belaka….in the end, aku selalu tinggal nyawa2 ikan!! dgn assignment yg bagaikan hujan lebat yg turun kat KL ni lagi…(err..sebenarnye tak banyak sgt pon…just nak siapkan tu takes a long time la..)cuti weekend pon aku rasa macam tak cuti je…aku rasa nak bernafas pun macam kadang2 tak sempat!!cis..hiperbola la sangat!! Sarcastic smile


and then..kalau dulu..Friday is the day that I just can’t wait to appear..sebab lepas tu boleh la kalau nak relax2 time weekend…but now…it turns to a nightmare!! I always wish that the day wouldn’t come!!huhu..


because…every Friday..ade 2 subjek yg berpotensi utk menimbulkan jerawat kat muka aku and really does!!



IPL (Integrated Pharmaceutical Learning) :

subjek ni ala-ala problem-based learning yg selalu budak2 medic buat…it requires the students to discuss among each other about a given case and the most crucial thing is that every student MUST speak during the session…no marks!!and as you all know,that was my biggest weakness!!

but thank God…during the first session last week, I managed to at least say a few words rather than just keep my mouth shut!!and for the 2nd session, that was today… I managed to deliver my presentation even though in a nervous way…in fact,I can hear my own voice was trembling!!huhuhu…but 1 thing that really change my mood was that I got the highest marks in the quiz just now…(kitorang exchange papers & discuss the answers with the lecturer)...even it is still unsure but who cares??hahahaha…. Open-mouthed smile

Broken heart Broken heart Broken heart

English : Workplace Communication II :

2012-03-09 23.53.47

did you recognize the word “communication” here??for all know rite what does it takes for a communication… weakness surfaced…and in fact,it doubles up…SPEAKING + ENGLISH = speaking in English… it seems like my problem get worst when it comes into English…**sighh…oh English!!why you no be my bestfriend??

and not forgetting the best part is that when you attended the same class with your juniors and you found out that they were far even better than yourselves!!yeah..that’s what I felt in my English class, last week. I felt extremely inferior!! the juniors were indeed good speakers and plus with their accents and confidence, it’s like forcing myself to hide in my bag or just being invisible!! I thought I was the worst of the worst of the worst speaker in the whole world!!sadis bukan??? T________T


but apart from all these…I think my biggest problem right now is that my confidence level is just not enough to allow myself to speak out!!I am tooooo shy!!!Embarrassed smile so…to overcome this fear of speaking…I really need to dig out my confidence out of myself…I thought it has been buried for a long time!!tsskkk…I pity myself… Thumbs down


memang dah lama kot aku try to build up my confidence…one of the way is through reading motivational book.. you still remember about my trips to Petrosains in the last entry??sebenarnye tujuan asal pergi KLCC pada hari itu adalah utk menebus baucar 1 Msia tu…dan nasib baiklah aku still tak menyimpang dari tujuan asal…I succeed to spent the last piece with this book :




mak datok…nampak je tipis..tapi harga dia…perghh…kalau guna duit sendiri memang kirim salam je la..haha..tapi…aku beli buku ni sebab :


those points really suit myself..tsskkk..


korang tak rasa ke buku ni memang tercipta khas utk orang macam aku ni??bile refer balik dekat 2 tong masalah aku kat atas tu, aku rasa buku ni memang sesuaiii sangat la…I hope I can gain more confidence after this…I’ve read it half way…and it is indeed an excellent book actually for a Shy like me…


“Shyness is a curse. shyness makes me feel like I am an unwanted guest in everyone else’s world. shyness is the worst personality trait of all,without a doubt. I would rather be obnoxious and boorish than shy. obnoxious and boorish people don’t seem to be too bothered by being obnoxious and boorish at least” (Tony V – Sydney, Australia.)


this is really true..I’m totally agree with this guy…aku rasa aku lebih rela jadi orang yg huuhaahuhaahuhahaa sana sini dpd jadi pasif macam sekarang ni…muka tembok la senang cakap…pastu cakap ikut sedap mulut macam Azwan Ali…haha…tu macam dah over la pulak…errr..arrkkk..arkkk..arkk (bunyi gagak lalu..)


but you know what??..I REALLY MEAN IT!!



( Rx : please don’t mind with my bahasa rojak here…I am trying to improve my English through writing…so…maybe I will campur aduk between English & Malay…after all it’s Manglish grammar may not be correct at all…let me learn along the way…but if you all nak tegur ke ape ke..I don’t mind…I always welcome that.. Smile)