Friday, February 19, 2016

How does your 2016 going so far?

Assalamualaikum. Oh hai we meet again after errr 4 months?

Well. Works are getting me preoccupied almost everyday. Since today is my day off, I mean there's no oncall for this weekend so I guess I just wanted to drop by my long-time abandoned blog. To clean up the dust here and there. (I'm pretty sure there're spider's webs everywhere. Haha.)

It seems like we're getting closer to the end of February. Goshh cepatnye masa berlari. Rasa macam baru semalam je masuk tahun baru kan.

So how is your 2016 doing so far? Well for me shits happen almost everyday. Pardon my language. Hah I'm literally 25 so I think it's okey for me to err cuss a lil bit. Hahaha. It doesn't suits my sweet-innocent-look tho. Well I was the so called Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Now I don't even care about the image anymore. Ohh nooo what has happened to me? LOL

Oh heyy have I told you that I'm legally my own driver right now?? Congratulations to me to finally have the guts to drive myself to work! Yayyy. What an achievement!! I'm so proud of myself! **self-pat at the back**
If you read my blog, previously I cant remember in which post, I did mention about my fear of driving. Well driving on my own just driving me crazy you know!
It took a freaking 6 years to finally have the courage to get behind the wheel by myself.

Even right now I'm just literally driving myself to and from work. But at least, there's a progress, right? You should be positive. And you should compliment yourself for breaking free from your comfort zone. You'd never know that you can rock it until you actually do it! Believe in me. I've been there, and I know how does it feels to be afraid of doing something that you think you cant. But actually you just have to close your eyes and give it a shot! Not that I asked you to close your eyes during your drive tho. duhh. *flips hair**

Look at how happy I am to finally be an independent woman! Hahaha. 

You know what. I kinda miss the old days. I miss my friends in uni. I miss my uni life. I miss everything in the past. Now that I'm a self-proclaimed adult, there are just to much to think. Burdens weighing on top of my shoulders. Never-ending stress with all the workloads. Seems like there's no end to it. I tried to enjoy myself, my life right now, but sometimes I feel like I'm faking it. Do you see where I'm coming from? 

Nonetheless, I must bear with all of them. At least until I finish this nerve-wrecking prp training. Only God knows how eager I am to get this thing out of my already messed-up life. Hah. Note the sarcasm.

And as a wrap, here's my bajet-feeling-model picture. Hahaha. You know I like to pose like this. Poyo I know. But who cares? I dont give a shit on what people will say. Ooppsss. sorry. =P

Yes. It's cakey. I know. Just dont judge okeyyy.

Okey, I guess that's it. I'm just randomly posting this cuz I'm kind of missing my hobby back then which is blogging. Blogging was once my passion. I just dont have much time to do so right now.
See you again, MeeLo! ;)