Thursday, February 21, 2013

hello semester 6!! welcome nightmares!! goodbye happiness! hohoho




**edit-mengedit adalah aktiviti waktu lapang di rumah..haha


motip meletakkan gambar tersenyum lebar padahal jeritan batinku tak siapa yg tahu..

well well well…accept the fact! berpijak la di bumi yg nyata…terimalah hakikat bahawa semester yg digembar-gemburkan sbg nightmare sudah pun bermula..

yup…we’re about to get started with our lovely thesis!!and lovely clinical attachments…and lovely practical a.k.a LI…


the mighty ward coat…Oh My Clinical Pharmacy!! nama ubat pun daku masih terkial-kial..bersiap sedialah utk ditembak bertubi2 tanpe henti dan simpati!! ahh I’ve to learn to be as tough as John Cena!!enggak boleh cengeng dong!!


I am freaking nervous right now..wondering who’s that “lucky” lecturer who’ll become my supervisor…and what kind of research topic that I have to do for my thesis…

I hope it’s something that I can bear throughout the semester…and hopefully I can do my best for all of these …insyaallah..may Allah ease everything..




never mind…the mystery will be uncovered tomorrow now I just have to switch off the laptop, lie on my back and close my eyes..and…what else..TIDUR la!!haha


(Rx : sometimes I just love to write post randomly…bila2 masa..tak kira malam2 buta or pagi2 buta..haha)



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