Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not-so Wordless Wednesday #2 : Abang-abang yg sweet & caring!! ♥♥♥



printscreen msj

when life gets hard, I’m lucky to have both of you as my brothers!! Crying face

~~lately, there were so many things that made my life turned upside down.…I’m tooooo stressed & somehow I felt I can’t bear it anymore!!!but thanks to my family…they gave me strength to endure when all odds are against me..and matter how hard life will treat me in the future, I would never give up!!!~~

( Rx : I’m extremely busy and will be back soon… Sad smile )

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H.S said... [Reply]

saya anak tunggal.

so tak pernah rasa ada abang :(

RoslanPutra said... [Reply]

xde abang jgak... aa kakak jer...

say to easy=) said... [Reply]

seronok family ambik berat kite.betul x?